Start-up Services 

Over the past decades, airlines have started (and failed) in almost every region of the world. Not all of the problems are created by airline istelf. Airline business is susceptible to strong influences from many factors, government intervention (positive and negative) and, at times, illogical competitive behaviours. However, participating in several and studying a number of startups, our team has found many had common errors. The right strategy can create opportunities to build efficient airlines, in cargo as well as passenger segment, both full service, and low cost. But doing so also needs the right team, with right competencies, the right tools, the right aircraft and the right network to create ideal product.
Contact us to schedule an Initial Gap Analysis that is free of charge.
The Gap Analysis will identify startup gaps in the following area:
  • Organization structure & design strategy;
  • Development program;
  • Business plan;
  • Asset selection based on strategy plan;
  • Jurisdiction selection for your AOC if planning to operate globally;
  • Other critical areas. 
We will take the audit information together with our knowledge, and compound it with creativity, to find solutions to problems inventively using our tools. We truly find new and better way to serve our clients. We provide the depth needed for creative problem solving and innovation in every area of airline development; just mention a few:
Airplane or Helicopter AOC can be initiated at different jurisdictions based on your needs. We can offer the most appropriate to fulfill your requirements after gap analysis.
Our team of airline experts has extensive experience starting, and managing airlines around the world. We will design, develop, and facilitate implementation of your start-up strategies. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.