Business Partners
Aviation Innovative Solutions Group is forging strategic partnership with companies, to provide best industry practices in airline management, maintenance, crew sourcing, training and acquisition, communication, finance, insurance, IT software and other expertise. In turn, AIS Group and its vast network share knowledge and opportunities with business partners, expending the horizon and competitiveness of those start-up, pioneering and established businesses. With the partnership’ true value is in enabling the flow of talent and resources between businesses, fields and sectors, accelerating innovation so that industry can solve its most pressing challenges.
AIS Group’s strategic partners include:
  • SOFEMA Aviation Services
  • Amicon
  • CAMOplus
  • BytzSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ciacon;

 We are constantly building collaborative partnerships with organizations to provide its partners an opportunity to productively engage with the industry and its customer needs. AIS Group will work collaboratively with you to design these creative partnerships. To learn more, please contact us.