Operations Control Center

             Aviation Innovative Solutions Group OCC provides 24/7 support to the airline’s passenger charter and cargo operation, we have well-qualified and professional dispatchers, load-masters and planners.
The Safety and quality of cervices is our prime objective. AIS Group OCC is focused on long term relations with client and we pay close look to details to provide customized service.
Our OCC Support will improve your line capacity and operational efficiency while reducing overall costs, Our experts, coming from various different departments, pilots, commercial, maintenance, are taking appropriate decisions together in real time to ensure the flight runs smoothly.
Each day two OCC Expert Reps are assigned to your company for service delivery. You will be given contact details to call anytime, 24/7, holidays, day or night, to speak with a member of your team. Services will be more than scheduling a flight or ordering your catering or fuel, the Rep will be there to assist you with any OCC related challenges.
Our Schedulers are virtually problem solvers, they are responsible for the overall efficiency and utilization of your crew members and aircraft. Schedulers assign crew to aircraft to maximize trip coverage, monitor duty times for pilots, assign all the trips to tail numbers and assess demand for the days ahead.
Our Dispatchers Team is responsible for filing flight plans with the crew members and for handling all the international paperwork associated with flying. They process information very quickly, as they need to Monitor weather patterns and airport updates for a proactive approach achieving operational efficiency. All our Dispatchers are certified and highly experienced. They work closely with Scheduling and Reps for higher efficiency of task at hand.
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