Occupational Safety

We provide occupational safety advice for business, industry, and all organizations interested in safety on the job.  Our safety consultants have broad experience across all business types. Our consultants will come to your facility or jobsite to provide the highest level of workplace safety advice, safety training and safety knowledge available. We provide OSHA assistance and workplace safety solutions to help prevent workplace accidents and reduce occupational injuries.
Safety policies, procedures and posters are not enough to assure consistent safety practices or an effective safety culture.
Employees are more likely to adopt a safety attitude if they understand the reasons for rules, the value of following the rules and the great harm that can follow from ignoring the rules. Understanding and accepting explanations for such rules are enhanced Occupational Safety Training.
AIS Group Occupational Safety Consulting Services includes following:
  • Safety Program Development: we conduct safety audits or safety inspections. We develop custom tailored safety management systems that control the causes of accidents and prevent employee injuries in the workplace.
  • Employee Safety Training: we will conduct authoritative, interactive safety training for your employees that will be stimulating, enjoyable and a cost effective safety consulting service.
  • Supervisory Safety Training: a safety seminar for supervisors and managers that explains how and why supervisory personnel play a vital role in a successful safety program. Specific communication skills, interpersonal interactions and behavioral intervention techniques are explained that can prevent employee unsafe acts that lead to accidents.
  • Safety Software: our safety management software enables companies to establish and manage an advanced, computer based safety management system. Computerize key components of your safety program easily and economically. - Safety Meeting Guides: concise safety and OSHA compliance guidelines in outline form that can be used as reference for employee safety training, safety meetings, supervisor’s safety talks. 
  • OSHA Compliance: safety consulting assistance with identifying and correcting OSHA violations, compliance with OSHA regulations, conducting OSHA compliance required safety training and safety inspections.