Leadership Team
Aviation Innovative Solutions Group represents a team of experts that covers the full spectrum of the aviation industry. Our team brings together decades of senior management experience in growing and supporting prosperous aviation entities. We believe that success requires more than just financial input. Only a culture that is based on the core values of humanity can prosper and play a positive role in our global society. We go the extra mile, placing attention not only to what we do, but how we do it as well. We constantly strive for improvement in providing the best service to our customers.
        Mrs. Ursula Freseman 
        Chief Executive Officer
Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and MBA  with 34+ years in aviation, over 25 years in aviation leadership roles and 23+ years with a major US carrier.  Lead several start-up carriers in the Middle East and other parts of the world.
Member of the Board of Trustees and Director for NEI College of Technology
Served on advisory boards and working groups, as chairman, for the Federal Aviation Administration Rulemaking Committee (ARAC).
1992 & 1993 FAA Good Friend Award for promoting, enhancing, and contributing to Flight Standards Safety Mission
Held several post holder positions as Quality Assurance Director and Accountable Manager.
Developed and implemented “Quality Management Systems” in Flight Operations, Maintenance, Ground Operations, Commercial, Human Resources and Finance. Negotiations experience with Regulatory Authorities and Aircraft Leasing companies worldwide.
Developed aircraft projects and implemented methods to assure optimum flight performance and passenger safety. 
                                                                                                    Mr. John Kohlsaat
                                                                                           Chief Commercial Officer
Senior Marketing Expert, Holder of Master Degree in Marketing, International Management and Business Administration, experienced in building business in new markets and brands, managing multi-national airlines through outstanding leadership, due procedures and policies. 
Mr. John Kohlsaat being former managing director of easyJet, CCO of Germania Fluggesellschaft, founder of airline consulting and service provider companies, investor and entrepreneur, brings valuable marketing and branding expertise to our customers. His start-up and commercial strategy development expertise, with business development, new market entries and new brand launches brings invaluable success to our customers.
                  Davit Mazmishvili
             Chief Operations Officer
Master in Engineering Science with 24+ year of a successful carrier in the aviation industry and 15+ year in the leadership role, Davit acted in different roles and capacity from Pilot to Chief Pilot and from Manager of Safety to Post Holder of Flight Operations and acting Accountable Manager, supervising a high number of multi-cultural staff in a number of organizations, increasing safety and security standards, delivering policies and training. A keen and experienced professional wealth of experience on both fixed and rotary wing, having successfully flown on 14 different aircraft types of military and civil transport categories. A graduate of prestigious military colleges and civil institutions. He holds a Safety Diploma from IATA Training and Development Institute. Lecturer and Instructor of a number of aviation institutions. Licensed and experienced auditor, he brings expertise for the companies in delivering proper gap-analyses, evaluating business needs and challenges, and tailoring proper action-plan to overall success.
                                                                                     Mr. Lalit Dang
                                                                       CAMO, Engineering Executive
With 28+ years of extensive work experience in Maintenance and Engineering of International Airlines, Mr. Lalit Dang brings expertise in the planning of aircraft maintenance to rigid specifications established by  Aviation Administration Authorities, equipment manufacturers, and the companies aviation departments. Experienced CAMO Manager, Head of Engineering, He participated in a number of change start-up projects worldwide, delivering high-standard and detailed results need for ariline operations. 
                       Mr. James Watts
                 Chief Finance Officer
Over 15 years of sales and marketing experience across a wide spectrum of industries. Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration: Management Information Systems/Marketing and Financial Services SME. Experienced advertising designer across all mediums; James brings valuable knowledge to our customers by developing cost-effective marketing campaigns that deliver results. His knowledge and experience in the Financial Service sector provide invaluable insight to our customers when it comes to navigating the complex world of financing. Also, with over 10 years of sales and sales leadership experience, he is on hand to train our customers’ sales forces. 
                                                                                                                    Mr. Sina Ebtehaj
                                                                                                    Quality, Safety, Security Executive
Holds BS in Engineering from Aerospace Engineering (TU DELFT), Successfully Graduated from New Castle College in the UK, where he received AS in mathematical studies and Information Technology. Mr. Sina Ebtehaj has several start-up international airline experience such as HeavyLift International Airlines, FlyGeorgia and Albanian Airways. He served in different roles including being in Aviation Regulation, Safety Management and Quality Management Systems, Negotiations in Parts/Material in the Middle East, and European countries. Mr. Sina has extensive knowledge in logistic set up and inventory computerized tracking systems. He brings valuable Management experience, analytical skills, strong background in Information Technology, excellent expertise in customer relationships, challenging situations in very professional manners.  He has experience in change of management, critical projects, project management tracking and providing feedback to Senior Management.
                      Mr. James Freseman
                   Maintenance Executive 
      Aircraft Lease, Purchase & Acquisition
Having 40+ years in aviation, over 27 years in regulatory authority and rulemaking (FAA) leadership roles.  Mr. James Freseman performed aircraft acquisition and acceptance of leased and purchased aircraft for start-up airlines worldwide. Extensive experience for Major Aircraft Accident Investigations. Conducted written and practical certification programs for domestic and foreign aircraft mechanics/engineers.  Extensive knowledge in development and implementation of maintenance programs for various Part 121 and part 135 US carriers. Negotiations experience for maintenance contracts for FAA Repair Stations and EASA 145 maintenance providers. Member and chairman for various flight and maintenance industry steering groups.  Held several post holder positions in the UAE. Developed and implemented Aircraft Safety recommendations for the aviation industry; was Lead instructor for new FAA instructors and developed and implemented training programs for vocational and colleges. FAA Lecturer and other aviation industry oriented seminars. 
                                                                                                Mr. Munawar J. Qureshi           
                                                                                               Airworthiness Executive
Holder of Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, postgraduate from ISSM University of Southern California as System Safety and Aircraft Accident Investigator, a post graduate from FAA Academy Human Factors, NDT and Aircraft Maintenance Reliability Programs, with more than 34- years of experience in airline industry Mr. Qureshi is bringing extensive experience of Airworthiness, aircraft acquisition and acceptance of leased and purchased aircraft for airlines worldwide. Extensive experience in Aircraft Accident Investigations. Conducted written and practical certification programs for domestic and foreign aircraft mechanics/engineers.  Extensive knowledge in the development and implementation of maintenance programs. Negotiations experience for maintenance contracts for Repair Stations and Part 145 maintenance providers. Held several positions at Civil Aviation Authority including several years as airworthiness Director. Developed and implemented Aircraft Safety recommendations for the aviation industry; was Lead instructor for new instructors and developed and implemented training programs for contractors and customers. Lecturer and participant of other aviation industry-oriented seminars.