Ground Operations 

Aviation Innovative Solutions Group products cover all airport handling activities related to customer services, aircraft and baggage. Our consulting team of experts will accompany you in developing or restructuring your ground services, you will benefit from expertise and operational quality support. We will help you maximize business success with assistance in the different fields of customer management and aircraft handling at airports. AIS Group is going beyond regulatory requirements and innovates to boost your competitiveness. We support you to optimize all operational activities and bring efficiency, taking into account cost and quality of service. The right strategy can create opportunities to build efficient ground operation, but doing so needs the right team, with right competencies, the right tools, the right eqipment and the right network to create ideal product.
Our products include assessing and support on following services:
Preparation of Manuals and required suporting documentation Airport Statios;
  • Organization, Support on Passanger Handling Processes and Procedur
  • Required Trainings
  • Assessment and support on required software
  • Support on required hardware
Ramp handling; 
  • Oversight of Ground Service Equipment
  • Management of Staff
  • Management of Operators
  • Management of Service Delivery
  • Ramp Safety
ISAGI Certification Assistance;
Ground Operations Services, Catering & Fuel Providers Selection and Service on request.  
Contact us to schedule Initial Gap Analysis that is free of charge, as "limited-time offer".
The Gap Analysis will identify gaps in:
  • Organization design;
  • Development program;
  • Business plan;
  • Other critical areas. 
We will take the audit information together with our knowledge, and compound it with creativity, to find solutions to problems inventively using our tools. We truly find new and better way to serve our clients. We provide the depth needed for creative problem solving and innovation to improve following areas; 
  • Optimising cost and ground handling processes (in-house, 3rd party, self-handling or joint venture)
  • Driving new business development for ground handling firms looking to attract airline customers globally
  • Maximising existing and future assets relating to staff/rostering, equipment and inventory rationalisation
  • Implementing organisational and operational process efficency changes
  • Developing culture improvment programs 
  • Matching supply with demand, streamlining planning
  • Auditing and monitoring risk management  process 
  • Developing and improving contracts and service level agreements and supporting negotiations
  • Focusing on Supplementary Revenue Increase
Our team of airline experts have extensive experience starting, and managing ground operations around the world. We will design, develop, and facilitate implementation of your development, enlargment and raveniew encrease strategies. Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss you challengies.