Document Management system implementation will help your customers to ensure compliance with

industry regulations and reinforce compliance management within the organization. AIS Group is offering Initial Gap Analysis of your organization without extra charge. Based on results of Gap Analysis we will propose plan to build your own document control procedures, including: process mapping, referencing and amendments. You will also learn how to maintain a document infrastructure and distribute control documents so that they are current and accessible to all stations.



We will facilitate improvement of your organizations Document hierarchy:

  • Build a document control system that satisfies your quality management requirements;

  • Follow a document throughout its life cycle, from creation to retirement;

  • Establish guidelines for consistent document appearance, notation and circulation

  • Create standards to maintain the integrity of your document control system and make your documentation available for auditors.


We will provide support to improve your Document Control Manual corporate standards:

  • Document Management, its security and control;

  • Document retention and amendment;

  • Highlighting consistency and referencing;

  • Communication style;

  • Numbering systems;

  • Controlled document list;

  • Circulation list.


 Document Management System

  • Operations Manuals
  • Document Control Manual

  • Operations Control Center Manual

  • Training Manual

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Safety Management System Manual

  • Maintenance Control Manual

  • Ground Operations Manual

  • Aviation Security Program Manual

  • Quality Management System Manual

  • Dangerous Goods Manual

  • Flight Attendant Operations Manual

Please contact us for more details.
                                              Manual preparation

With regulatory compliance standards, the latest in formation on important trends and best practices we develop the industry standard manuals. With unique data and tools we provide the leadingedge solutions for your challenges. 

Our highly qualified documentation team develop tailor made operations manual parts to operator and authority specifications. The documentation systems we develop, allows for the efficient updating and revision of manuals.

All documentation is prepared with the end user in mind in order to facilitate ease of use and reference by crew and operational staff on the operations front line. EFB Integration of documentation and performance material is planned into our documentation system from the start. Please let us know on witch following manual you need our support: