AIS Group develop a recruitment strategy that will improve your profitability, efficiency, and compliance. Our team provides professional Crew soursing & management for the corporate and commertial aviation industry. We provide sourcing of aircraft maintenance, ground crews, flight control, and dispatchers. Our team is focused on developing customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization flight department.

We manage the flight crew and maintanance engineers sourcing, selection, provision of, and management of flight crew, which enables our clients respond to market opportunities and demands promptly, while controlling crew costs and gaining access to highly qualified and experienced flight crew. The types of flight crew supplied worldwide include:
  • Captains and First Officers
  • Observers and Line Training Captains
  • Simulator Flight Instructors (SFIs)
  • Type Rating Instructors (TRIs) and Examiners (TREs
The benefits of AIS Group Flight Crew Sourcing include:
  • Ensure continuity of flight operations during flight crew shortages
  • Reduce overall selection and recruiting time.
  • Provide detailed screening for optimal skill sets and organisational fit
  • Focus on your core business – just tell us when and where to deliver the personnel
  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
Our Team organizes ferry flights for customers throughout  the world. The highly dedicated and flexible crew makes it possible to organize and fly flights on short notice anywhere any time.