When running day-to-day operation and meeting demands of the market, management of implementation new system, transformation or restructuration can be overwhelming.
AIS Group experts in various disciplines are helping our clients to achieve their goals by firstly to use their existing resources more effitently. As a first step the Initial Gap Analysis will be offerd ("for limited-time" it is free), to help your organization confirm the success of work already completed, and also to identify systems, processes and documentation which may need improvement.
The Gap Analysis generally refers to the activity of studying the differences between standards and the delivery of those standards. Our experienced auditors will guide you through the process of determining and documenting your organization’s current capabilities. A Gap Analysis can be carried out independently of any certification activity and regardless of whether you plan to work with AIS Group for any implementation process. Now for "Limited-Time" we offer Initial Gap Analysis (IGA) for free. 
                                       Contact us to find out more and schedule date of IGA for your organization.
Our Team will suport you in providing folowing services:
  • Assessment of Corporate Safety Culture; Organizational Structure and Performance Gap;
  • Auditing of Document Management System; Safety & Quality Management Systems;
  • Auditing of Flight Operations; Maintanance and other fanctional areas;
  • Assessment of Training Program; and Operations Manual conformity;.


Our dedicated staff, with combined aviation experience of more than 200 years will provide you with highly individualized service to find just the right solution to meet your needs, and assist with the implementation process. We will help you to define what you have in place and reuse prosesses, systems and tools that you have more effitently.

Operators Service Assessment & Continues Oversight
We Support Operators with Compliance Assessments and Continues Oversight – If it is important for you to ensure that Operation is complying with regulatory and best industry standards. When needed, Aviation Advisor can be located on site to monitor day-to-day activities, to be available for Continuous Compliance Oversight and to immediately follow up and report on incidents investigation reports. The independent Oversite and incident investigations. We help companies to assess process safety, to review procedures, risk assessment, the mitigation strategies and ensure that the operator has done everything possible to prevent a reoccurrence. Our oversite will assess following areas:
Organizational Structure - including management system and financial commitment, policies, controls, programs, internal audit process, communications, flight following, emergency response plans.
Safety Management - effectiveness including incident and accident reporting systems, staff selection, recording systems and its redundancy, program outputs, procedures, training;
Flight Operations - capacity including type and number of suitable aircraft resources, applicability of flight operations manuals, standard operating procedures, flight crew and cabin crew standards, qualifications and scheduling, quality of crew and passenger safety briefings, crew check-list usage, minimum equipment list (MEL) following, records adequacy and accuracy of accident, incident and near miss reporting systems and analysis;
Aircraft Maintenance and engineering overview including management quality control process, maintenance manuals, programs, standards, planning and scheduling, quality controls of stores and spares, ADs, manufacturer modifications, deferred maintenance and MEL compliance, weight and balance controls, maintenance records;
Training of personnel including selection standards, initial/recurrent/proficiency training, safety program induction and behavioural based HES safety awareness;
Airport and Base Operations & Facilities - The support equipment including general safety, fire prevention/contingency plans, hanger maintenance, equipment maintenance programs, environmental and workplace safety practices/regulatory compliance; facilities including communications, ground handling, ramp procedures, ramp safety, surface conditions, foreign object damage control, aircraft rescue and fire fighting services, fueling services and quality control practices.
Aircraft Evaluation & Acquisition
The possibilities in aircraft are extensive. Making the right choice is critical. We can help by providing you with the operational and financial profiles of every aircraft that fits your needs. Whether you are considering a new or previously owned aircraft, this information will prove invaluable in your selection process. Through and beyond your purchase, we will assist you in securing flight and ground crews, maintenance and virtually anything involved in the operation of your aircraft. 
 Please contact us, to discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results.